IFMA Benefit of the Month Live Webinar: Why I Needed an FM Consultant – An External Perspective


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Date: Thursday, November 20, 2014
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT
Cost: Free for members

We invite you to join us and IFMA’s Consultant’s Council for a thought-provoking, one-hour webinar that details three success stories of three very different consultancy engagements, titled “Why I Needed an FM Consultant: An External Perspective”

This webinar will be broken down into three segments, each with a different focus.

Segment 1: will analyze moving from a traditional RFP process to utilizing and industry expert and developing a trusted advisor relationship. The focus will be utilization of a consultancy method to identify the expert to help mutually define the value proposition through identifying the needs, outcomes, solutions, and evidence for a project.

Segment 2: will delve into facility management and the customer experience…beginning with an end in mind. Bud and Teena focused on direction, commitment, and alignment in making facility related decisions and developing the FM operational programs. By offering the needed bandwidth and FM expertise, Teena became part of the team Bud needed to fulfill his organization’s mission.

Segment 3: will set the foundation for a strategic plan. To support his organization’s goals, Geoff needed a strategic plan for his facilities responsibilities. Geoff new he needed help to develop the plan and get a fresh and objective viewpoint. With the help of his FM consultant Michel, they were able to develop a strategic plan that got board approval and has been implemented.

In each of these instances a consultant was chosen by their client to enable them to increase bandwidth, offer expertise not currently available to them, act as the honest broker to bring technical expertise and to render unbiased decision support. Learn about the value these three professionals were able to achieve with their clients by:

  • Understanding how to leverage your team with your FM Advisor
  • Finding out how to benefit from your relationship with an FM Advisor
  • Discovering the value of a true 3rd party viewpoint and ideas


  • Glenn Hodge, Vice President at ISS Facility Service A/S
  • Keith Tice, Chief Procurement Officer, Go Daddy
  • Teena Shouse, CFM, IFMA Fellow, VP, Facility Engineering Associates
  • Bud Jeffress, VP Operations, Heart to Heart
  • Geoff Williams, General Manager at Corporate Event Centre at CHSI
  • Michel Theriault, Principal, Strategic Advisor FM Consulting
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