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IWK Health Centre
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Halifax, NS
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April 26, 2019

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Job Description

We are seeking a Director Innovation, Technology and Redevelopment who has a tenacity and capacity to focus not only on day-to-day projects but on larger, forward-thinking initiatives that will propel the IWK Health Centre towards future growth. To advance our organization and achieve patient-centered goals, the IWK is dedicated to executing on our strategy, while providing cohesive, value-added services that support the needs of our internal clients, the patients and families we serve, and our partners in the health system. As an experienced Director, you share and instill your growth mindset with your employees and challenge your colleagues to think creatively. You will clearly articulate your vision in a way that engages others to want to be a part of it. Through your sense of urgency, resiliency and vision, you will lead change and progress in our organization.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Director Innovation, Technology and Redevelopment leads the development and execution of strategic and operational plans that deliver the best care and service, while seeking continuous improvement that drives superior performance. The Director emulates the mission and values of the IWK Health Centre through inspiring, motivating and guiding others towards excellence. As a senior leader, you will have an entrepreneurial spirit, be creative and innovative in offering solutions that will optimize the patient experience end to end. The role requires an ethical leader with sound decision-making abilities, familiar with leading practices in health care and Higher Reliability Organizations, and able to build solid external relationships.

This role is responsible for seven major areas that include: Commercial and Retail operations including Food Services, Patient Food Services and Retail Services; Major facilities development and design projects; Business innovation and development; Clinical Engineering; Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Working with the IWK community, the Ethics Committee, the Foundation and the business community, the Director will lead the development of a retail strategy for the IWK. It will leverage the IWK’s strategic plan to promote and optimize the patient/family experience and will include research opportunities through data analytics and predictive analysis. This strategy is key to the sustainability of the IWK Health Science Centre and its Maritime mandate.

The creation of a master facilities plan and program is a complex task of transforming clinical needs (present and future) into a coherent plan, and then into a physical infrastructure, all while balancing resource constraints of space, budgets and challenging clinical requirements. The Director will be required to combine their business development savvy, liaise closely with the Foundation, leverage provincial and federal grant opportunities and work closely with external consultants to lead a fully engaged process that will deliver a multi-year capital program and plan for the IWK.

The Director will lead both IT and Clinical Engineering to advance the adoption of artificial intelligence and create opportunities for growth and development throughout both clinical and business operations at the IWK. This level of expertise is considered a specialty and will also be leveraged throughout the master space programming and planning projects, as well as all major facility development and design projects such as the approved Emergency Department expansion project (doubling in size) and the design and construction of a new MRI suite at the IWK.

Leading through the entire maritime mandate of the IWK through service delivery and planning, the Director will search provincial and federal grants/business opportunities to develop and implement the commercial/retail strategy for the IWK. Ethical leadership, improving customer responsiveness, and the client experience will be vital to this role.

As our ideal candidate, you will have a Master’s level degree in business, engineering and/or science. You will embrace social innovation, understand health care and the science behind the art. You have an entrepreneurial spirit grounded in strong business and science disciplines with proven abilities in innovation and attracting third party funding.

Your experience reflects a minimum of 10 years of experience in innovation, technology and/or development and design, at least 5 years of leadership experience, along with 5 years of project management experience. You will require sensitivity, awareness, be a great listener, and have a positive, solutions focused approach. You are an inspirational leader who understands strategic risk and can manage to deadlines and financial deliverables. You have expertise in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships including engaging the academic and business community and have coached, developed and led high performance teams with a strong track record of continuous improvement and measurable outcomes.

In turn, we offer the opportunity to work in a collaborative, innovative environment where teams are committed to the highest standards of care and best practices on a local, regional and national scale. There is breadth in the scope of this opportunity to reflect your career passions and contribute to the challenge and privilege of serving our patients, their families and our community. We believe that organizations perform better when senior leadership reflects a diversity of lived experiences, cultures and languages and welcome interest from all those who feel they have the talent for this position.