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Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions is the Canadian leader in the provision of workplace management services for real estate portfolios. Our team of over 1,500 professionals is dedicated to optimizing our customers’ business with superior workplace management solutions.

Brookfield Integrated Solutions was one of the earliest companies in Canada to offer a full range of real estate services in an integrated offering. We first took this full service capability to market in 1998 and throughout the years gained considerable knowledge in delivering all of the requested services in an integrated fashion to customers with thousands of properties spanning the entire country.

From the beginning, Brookfield Global Integrated Solution’s management philosophy has always been founded on “Doing what’s right for the customer, team member and shareholders.” This belief is captured within Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions’ Vision, Mission and Value statements:

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions’ VISION

We are the recognized leader in the provision of Real Estate Management Services in Canada.
We are the role model for sustainable operating practices and portfolio strategy.
We are the employer of choice within our industry and a “Best Employer” in Canada.

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions’ MISSION

To deliver innovative business solutions for clients with real estate portfolios, continually creating value for their stakeholders, while ensuring a sustainable, safe and comfortable environment for all.

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions’ VALUES:

Unwavering Integrity

Honesty, fairness, respect and safety are of the utmost importance.

Driving change in the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction

Our future depends on us helping to make our customers successful. We are proactive and easy to do business with. We offer expert knowledge and practical solutions and we deliver on our promises.

Relentlessly Building Employee Engagement

We foster a culture that promotes excellent performance, teamwork, leadership and growth.

Passion for Innovation

We believe there is always a better way. We encourage change and seek the opportunity it brings.

Living Sustainability

Through our products, services, operations and community involvement, we promote the efficient use of resources to benefit all people and the world


Not only does Brookfield Global Integrated Services have a major commitment to its client’s but we are heavily involved in the communities we operate within. We’re proud of our commitment to Canadian communities. With more than 160 locations across the country, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions supports a wide variety of charities and community organizations. Our focus is on children and families, as we believe that a strong family unit provides healthy roots for a community to feed off. Over the last 8 years, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions and our team members have contributed over one million dollars to organizations such as The Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto; Habitat for Humanity, in Vancouver; Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa; Bon Dieu dans la Rue, in Montreal; and the PC Foundation for Disabled Children (national).

At Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions we understand that we have the responsibility to our client, team members and shareholders to perform well in all facets. We strive to engage those in our circle of influence to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, whether it’s reducing costs through use of our technology, reducing emissions through our overarching sustainability goals or reducing stress to our team members by offering professional development and adhering to a work-life balance, we understand that by reducing these items can have positive effect on our overall business, our people, and the community.

For more information contact Amanda Kusick, Director of Business Development – – Tel: 905-415-3255