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Company Name: Fresh and Clean, Dryit.ca
Contact: James Lee Senter
Email for Contact: leesenter@senterprises.ca
Company description: Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning, and flood/fire remediation

Dryit.ca and Fresh and Clean Carpet Cleaning are committed to the best in eco-friendly practices. With a Director of Sustainability, a LEED Green Associate, we raise our commitment to the best in Corporate Social Responsibility. Join us, and join a growing community of people who want something more than just the lowest price possible.
As an industry leader, Fresh and Clean, has been at the forefront of adopting the best new products and practices to ensure your confidence the job is done right. Today, as a good corporate citizen, we do not limit our concern to your home and office being a clean, healthy environment; we are committed to the best in green standards for you, and for the environment.
In the drive toward sustainability, the standard in buildings today is to reduce the environmental impact. Dryit.ca, as a premier disaster remediation company, is committed to the strategy of “in place drying” of your flooded space wherever practical. Rather than remove, remediate, rebuild, Dryit.ca is committed to removing the least building components necessary, and focusing on improved drying and recovery strategies. This leads to less downtime, less cost to you, and a more sustainable business.
Why we are an IFMA Toronto Sponsor and / or the Value of IFMA Toronto Sponsorship:

We are proud to be an IFMA Toronto Sponsor as it is a great organization that connects us to a community of building professionals concerned with the best products and value added services that we focus on.