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Kibog is an Oakville, Ontario based technology company offering cloud-based solutions in Asset Monitoring (fixed & mobile assets), Work Order Management and Space & Asset/Resource Scheduling. The solutions are hosted on Microsoft Azure platform and enables businesses to manage work orders, keep track of the health and condition of their assets, perform preventative, condition-based & reactive maintenance, and related asset management functions.

Kibog’s solutions include;

  • Centralized Work Order Management
  • Fleet/Vehicle Electronic Logging Device (ELDs)
    • Record drivers’ hours of service (HOS) and record of duty status (RODS), which replaces the paper logbook
  • Asset Monitoring and Tracking
    • Fleet, Vehicle & Asset Tracking; Location tracking, geo-fencing, etc
    • Monitor condition and health of assets; Vehicle usage & condition monitoring, HVAC performance, etc
  • Space & Asset Scheduling, Utilization Management and Inventory Optimization
    • Facility/Space booking; Rooms, Conference Halls, Auditoriums, Workstations, Parking Lot/Spot, Mobile Asset (vehicle, school bus, trailers), and Rental Tools and Equipment booking

Benefits of Kibog’s Solutions include:

  • Customer Centric; Solves Customer Problems
  • Easy to Setup, Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain and a very Supportive Team
  • Regular product updates based on customer feedback
  • Real-Time Notifications, Alerts and Insights
  • Prevent/Reduce Asset Downtime
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance
  • Optimize Asset Utilization
  • Obtain cost savings through automation

Kibog is committed to providing innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions to organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries. To learn more about Kibog, please visit or contact Bhuwan Sharma at 416-509-5159 or