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Having more than 20 years of experience in the industry, ServiCare Interiors Inc. is one of the most well-respected interior maintenance companies in southern Ontario. With our trained and certified customer service personnel, we are able to field a team able to provide personalized, local service on a region-wide level.

Because each work environment is different and comes with its own unique set of needs, ServiCare Interiors offers the widest selection of services and solutions in the industry to ensure your office interiors get the care they deserve.

You have made an investment to ensure a healthy and productive work environment and we want to ensure your investment lasts a lifetime.


Getting stepped on all day, everyday, carpeting is one of the most abused workplace textiles. The ServiCare Interiors System™ can prevent premature wear and tear of your carpeting and extend its life for years.

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend our preventative maintenance programs because of their effectiveness in protecting the carpet fibers from rapid re-soiling and their ability to allow easier cleaning of soiled carpets. This keeps your carpets looking cleaner longer.

We can help before you even start with your carpet installation. Our consultation team will research your needs and guide you in the right direction to ensure you make the best decisions for you.

Modular Panels

Dirty Cubicles Bringing You Down? Think and Breathe Outside the Box!

From airborne particles to office accidents, your cloth-covered modular office systems can become dull and dirty. Our certified technicians have the experience and specific training to restore and maintain your modular systems.

Upholstered Furniture

Experience and Knowledge: The One-Two Punch of a Successful Business!

With a dizzying array of colors, styles and fabrics on the market, upholstered furniture demands extensive experience and knowledge to be properly cleaned and maintained. Our certified technicians have that experience and knowledge. We also understand the conditions of your furnishings’ warranties, and can ensure warranty compliance through our programs.

With us you get your money’s worth and more. Every dollar you invest with us is directly reflected in the health and cleanliness of your workplace. All members of our highly skilled team receive ongoing educational upgrades and, armed with the best technology available, are on call to provide the highest caliber of service in the industry. Partner with us and see your investment sustained.

Let us prove ourselves to you by scheduling your free on-site analysis and demonstration. Contact us today and we’ll show you how we can help.

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Your Office May Not Be As Clean As You Think!

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Actual Client Facility – Restorative Cleaning
Upper Half – After Servicare Interiors Inc.
Bottom Half – Before Restorative Cleaning